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Opportunity Fund in the Episcopal Diocese of East Tennessee

Forms for making grant requests may be downloaded below or obtained from the diocesan administrator at the diocesan office (814 Episcopal School Way, Knoxville Tenn., 37932). In preparing your request, feel free to expand the space provided for the information, but please follow the format.

Importantly, applicants for a grant must go through a parish, commission or Bishop and Council for sponsorship. There should be an ongoing relationship between the sponsor and the organization for which the grant is intended. When a grant has been obtained, the sponsor should maintain this relationship to ensure that the funds are used to meet the needs described in the request.

The Opportunity Fund is a wonderful resource. Your attention to these procedures will be most gratefully appreciated.

Information and applications for both Social Ministries Grants and Church Expansion Grants and Loans are available here as Word files.

Please note that applications for both programs are restricted as described in the “Policies and Procedures.”

Completed applications are due April 1 and September 1 of each year.

Social Ministries Grant Evaluation Form

View the Form

Social Ministries Grant Application

View Application

Church Expansion Grant or Loan Application

View Application