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Supply Clergy in the Diocese of East Tennessee

The list below is arranged by last name.
Show list arranged by city.


The Rev. John Bonner
Phone: 252.495.5174
City: Chattanooga
Willing to travel 50 miles.

The Rev. Donna Brown
Phone: (865) 466-2536
City: Knoxville
Willing to travel 60 miles.

The Rev. Ken Brown
Phone: 865.466.1518
City: Knoxville
Willing to travel 60 miles.

The Rev. Gayle Hansen Browne
Phone: 740.463.1487
City: Knoxville
Willing to travel 1 hour; not available on 3rd Sundays

The Rev. Paige Buchholz
Phone: (865) 403-9327
City: Knoxville
Willing to travel 50 miles.

The Rev. Drew Bunting
Phone 423.394.8974
City: Chattanooga
Willing to travel 45 minutes.


The Rev. Patricia Cahill
Phone: 423.331.1139
City: Chattanooga

The Rev. Dr. Valerie Carnes
Phone: 423.877.1478
City: Chattanooga
Willing to travel 50-60 miles if needed; must have notice 5 days in advance


The Rev. Mary Davis
Phone: 908.418.7699
City: Knoxville
Willing to travel 30 miles

The Rev. Tom Day – Unavailable until June 2022.
Phone: 713.819.8335
City: Bristol
Willing to travel 75 miles.


The Rev. Scherry Fouke
Phone: 423.736.6407
City: Morristown
Willing to travel 60 miles.


The Rev. David Garrett
Phone: 423-623-9317
City: Newport

The Rev. Giulianna Gray
Phone: (931) 636-3658
City: Sewanee

The Rev. Ron Griffin
Phone: 720.891.9990
City: Crossville


The Rev. Rob Henley
City: Sevierville
Willing to travel 45 miles

The Rev. Peggy Hunt
Available 2nd and 5th Sundays each month
Phone: 865.696.6284
City: Kingston/Harriman


The Rev. Carolyn Isley
Phone: 423-639-9289
City: Greeneville area


The Rev. Craig Kallio
Phone: 865.482.3758
City: Oak Ridge (maximum travel up to 50 miles away)

The Rev. Peter Kanyi
Phone: 423.305.0007 (h); 423.903.6707 (c)
City: Signal Mountain


The Rev. Scott Lee
Phone: 860-906-8585
City: Sewanee
Willing to travel 90 miles.

The Rev. Bo Lewis
Phone: 865.567-1159
City: Knoxville

The Rev. David Lovett
Phone: 865.310.9438
City: Clinton
Willing to travel 40 miles


The Rev. Joel Morsch
Phone 941.773.6018
City: Maryville
Willing to travel 60 miles; limited availability in May/June


The Rev. Louis “Smokey” Oats
Phone: 704.737.6495
City: Dandridge


The Rev. Joe Parrish – unavailable until 2023
Phone: 908.352.2220
City: Knoxville
Willing to travel 10 miles for 1 service, 20 for 2

The Rev. Leigh Preston
Phone: 423.903.843
City: Sewanee

The Rev. Roy Pollina
Cell: 276.252.7729
Home: 706.500.1089
Chattanooga (Trenton, GA, will travel over 100 miles)

The Rev. John “Rocki” Proffitt
City: Chatsworth, GA
Willing to travel 50 miles


The Rev. Kay Reynolds
Phone: 865.688.2835
City: Knoxville

The Rev. Wallace Reynolds
City: Cleveland
Will travel 50 miles.

The Rev. Buckley Robbins
Phone: 423.877.6112
City: Chattanooga


The Rev. Marshall Scott
Phone 816.896.9717
City: Pleasant Hill
Willing to travel 90 minutes; lives in Central Time (please consider when communicating)

The Rev. Perry Scruggs
Phone: 423.280.6963
City: Sewanee

The Rev. Molly McGee Short
Phone: 251.272.0702
City: Sewanee
Willing to travel 50 minutes; limited availability during school year (summers preferred)

The Rev. Canon Michael Spear-Jones
Phone: 757.449.5686
City: Crossville
Willing to travel 2 hours


The Rev. Bo Townsend
Phone: 512.419.8090
City: Knoxville
Willing to travel 25 miles


The Rev. Carol Westpfahl – Unavailable the 4th Sunday of each month (available other Sundays)
Phone: 865.223.4507
City: Knoxville

The Rev. Fred Wilcoxson
Phone: 423.299.9356
City: Athens

The Bishop and Council recommends these compensation rates for supply clergy:

  • Weekday simple service (no sermon): $75
  • One Sunday service with sermon: $125
  • Two Sunday services with sermon: $175
  • Three Sunday services with sermon: $225

Compensation is to include mileage at 62.5 cents per mile and where necessary, reimbursement for meals and lodging at cost.

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