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More Than Numbers: New Parochial Report Encompasses Broader Impact

Originally Published as “Message from our Rector” in The Hoot by The Rev. Lou Parsons, Rector, St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church, Ooltewah March 2023 — Every... Read More

Presiding Bishop Calls for Good Friday Donations to Jerusalem and Middle East

As The Episcopal Church’s Good Friday Offering enters its second century, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry invites bishops, congregations, and supporters—in his annual Lent letter—into... Read More
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Recipe for Resistance: Sermon by The Rev. Dr. Charles Lomax, Jr.

 Sermon by The Rev. Dr. Charles F. Lomax, Jr. Recipe for Resistance Sunday, March 5, 2023 Let us bow in a word of... Read More
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2023 Convention Eucharist Sermon

 Sermon Copy 2023 Convention Eucharist Homily Friday, February 3, 2023, 5:00 pm, St. John’s, Johnson City Matthew 20:1-16 Dr. Alison Barton There’s a... Read More