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Aided Curacy

Aided Curacy Program for the Episcopal Diocese of East Tennessee

The Aided Curacy Program is a three-year commitment between the Diocese of East Tennessee and the parish church that calls a Curate who qualifies under this program. In order to receive financial support from the Diocese of East Tennessee, a parish church will call a person who has been raised up through the Commission on Ministry process in our diocese and commit to supporting the formation of the new priest.

For the first two years of the commitment, the Diocese of East Tennessee will provide half of the total compensation package for the Curate, with the current diocesan minimum clergy compensation number serving as the benchmark. If in the second year of the curacy, the Bishop and Council changes the diocesan minimum clergy compensation number, the diocesan support will change by half of the overall adjustment.

The three year commitment presupposes stable clergy supervision and oversight with regards to the formation of the new priest, and the Canon to the Ordinary will work with the clergy to provide frameworks for development, regular reflection, and assessment for growth.  Two years should be dedicated to formation before energy is diverted to discernment of future call. Future sabbatical plans for supervising Rectors should be discussed with Bishop Cole prior to entering into a curacy arrangement.

For the third year of the Aided Curacy Program, the parish church will have set aside the necessary funds to cover the total compensation package for the Curate. During the third year, the Curate will be able to focus on their own future discernment and deployment, with assistance from the Canon to the Ordinary.

The Curate is expected to participate fully in Emmaus Road and the Fall Clergy Conferences. The Curate will be strongly encouraged to attend the Clergy Lenten Retreat each year of their curacy. Also, there will be an expectation that the parish church is aware of the shared funding model between the Diocese of East Tennessee and the parish church and is willing to embrace the ministry of a teaching parish.

Parental leave and medical leave will be supported by the parish in accords with Diocesan policy. Additionally, in accords with sabbatical leave policy, all years of service, curacy included, accrue within the Diocese towards sabbatical leave.

February 2023