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Innovative Community Ministry Fund


The mission of the Innovative Community Ministry Fund (ICMF) is to stimulate, encourage and promote innovative community ministries of Episcopal parishes in the southeast region of the Diocese of East Tennessee.

These ministries should involve:

  • Outreach to the local community which addresses emerging or current community needs
  • Hands-on participation by parish membership
  • Engaged leadership from the parish
  • Procedures:
    • There are no deadlines for applications since the ICMF committee will meet to discuss applications as they are received and funds are requested, with at least two meetings per year (spring/fall) for consideration of applications
    • Completed application form required
    • Application forms available here – applicants to print and mail to Diocesan Administrator with appropriate signatures
    • Two signatures required on application – Ministry Project Manager and Rector or Priest- in-Charge
    • Guidelines included on application form
    • ICMF committee reserves the right to interview applicants as part of the process
    • In rare exceptions the committee will consider funding more than once
    • Any change in guidelines must be approved by the Bishop
    • Reports will be required of every fund recipient at an appropriate time as designated by the committee
  • ICMF Committee:
    • The committee will be self-perpetuating
    • Committee will be made up of six individuals
    • All committee members should be:
    • Engaged with the community
    • Creative, innovative thinkers
    • Community outreach oriented
    • All committee members must be Episcopalians in good standing from one of the southeast parishes in the Diocese of East Tennessee
    • One member of the committee must be currently serving on diocese’s Bishop and Council
    • One member of the committee must be an active clergy person from the southeast region of the diocese
    • The committee chair will be selected by the committee members
    • Committee members will serve three year terms, with the first committee member terms staggered to allow for start-up and appropriate rotation
    • Committee members may be elected for a maximum of one additional term
    • New members will be recommended by the committee
    • Committee members are subject to final approval by the Bishop
  • Funding:

    Funding will be determined by a formula based on 4% of the average market value of the fund, or its predecessor, over the previous 20 calendar quarters less expenses.

PDF of the Guidelines

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Application Forms

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