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Cursillo, meaning a short course, is a spirit filled weekend where one has the opportunity to grow in their faith and spirituality. It allows one to have a deeper understanding of the teachings of Jesus and how we carry those teachings back out into the world in which we live by living into our baptismal covenant.

Cursillo originated in Spain in 1944 as part of the Roman Catholic Church, but since its creation it has been widely accepted in many different Christian traditions. Cursillo can be found across the country in many Episcopal Dioceses.

Cursillo is a three-day weekend in which those attending engage in study, reflection, service to others, worship and prayer, all within the context of the community of the Body of Christ. This weekend gives those attending the opportunity to step away from their day to day life in order to re-orient, re-energize and re-commit themselves to Our Lord.

The heart of the three-day weekend is a set of talks, or rollos, given by both laity and clergy. Listening to others share stories centered on Christ helps everyone to grow in their own sense of the holy. While in community over the course of the weekend there will be shared worship, daily office, and Eucharist celebrated every day. The atmosphere is one of joy and Christian fellowship and is a powerful means of preparing Church members to better serve their church, their community and the world.

Our diocese holds Cursillo weekends periodically to deepen understanding of how to live one’s Christian faith through spiritual renewal – worship, song, and prayer – the Cursillo retreat is designed to inspire participants to new practices of prayer and leadership in their faith communities. 

To find out more about Cursillo, click here to go the Episcopal Cursillo Ministry website.

“Fourth Day” begins after you have completed the Cursillo weekend and it represents the rest of your life.  The three-day weekend provided the building blocks, the foundation, from which you carry out your ministry by following a rule of life. Those who attended the weekend join a Reunion Group in their churches or with others who previously attended a Cursillo weekend. In addition to the Reunion Groups there are Ultreyas and these gatherings offer Cursillistas from multiple churches in your geographic area to come together and share ideas, sing and lift each other up in prayer.

Persons attending Cursillo must be at least 21 years of age. (The corollary for those under 21 is Happening.) Persons attending must also have a sponsor, please speak with your rector about this.

Please contact Tammy Randolph,, Palanca coordinator, as other diocese hold their Cursillo weekends.

Cursillo “Fourth Day” groups meet as follows:

Cleveland/Athens area: Interested persons should contact the Rev. Robert Childers at

Chattanooga/Ft. Oglethorpe area: Ultreyas for the Chattanooga and Ft. Oglethorpe area are held on a quarterly basis. We are alternating the hosting location between St. Peter’s and St. Martin’s. For more information, please contact Rena Stansbury at 423-227-8594 ( or Pat Coggin at 423-238-5562 (

Lookout Mountain: Ultreyas meet regularly. Contact Rev. Robert Childers at