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Give to a Parish

We’ve gathered ways of giving to your parish while maintaining social distancing.

Giving in a Time of Isolation


In a time of keeping social distance in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we do not want to create gaps in the ways East TN Episcopal parish churches are still offering ministry and mission and still “gathering” for common prayer and worship in this moment. As you are able, I would encourage you to continue to support your parish communities with your tithes and offerings.

This new page on our website is intended to make giving to your parish easier with online giving. I am aware many of our parishes already offer online giving and those parishes are also highlighted on this page. For those parishes that do not have this option, we have created a link that allows you to support your parish by giving online and letting us know the name of the parish you are hoping to support. As we collect those funds, we will distribute those funds back to the respective parishes supported in this way.

In inviting your continued financial support of your parishes, I do so knowing that all of us are being impacted by this time of a health crisis and an economic crisis. If you are able to give now, thank you. If you are not, know the body of Christ is suffering with you. We remain a reconciled body, broken and mending.


+ Brian

Give to a Parish

We’ve enabled our online giving portal for parish-level giving. Below is a tutorial on how to use the online portal. When you are ready to use the giving portal, click on the button below. The memo drop-down is not optional when giving to a parish. You must designate the parish in the memo drop-down. Please, at this time, only do one payment at a time and not reoccurring payments. 

Tutorial of Online Giving