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Pastoral Leader

As defined by canonsA licensed Pastoral Leader is a lay person authorized to exercise pastoral or administrative responsibility in a congregation under special circumstances, as defined by the Bishop.

As described by Bexley-Seabury: Though it may have been called by different names, there has always been a function of pastoral leadership in the church (whether formally or informally, whether born out of vision or out of necessity). Faith communities who desire to live out their calling for the glory of God and for the sake of their neighbors need faithful and trained leaders (especially lay leaders) who notice and nurture a vocation toward steadfast, informed, trustworthy, and innovative leadership.

  • Notes

    The Diocese of East Tennessee has recently recognized Bexley-Seabury’s Pathways for Baptismal Living for their on-line course for licensed lay Pastoral Leader.  Go to Bexley-Seabury Pastoral Leader Training for dates and more details.