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As defined by canonsA licensed Evangelist is a layperson who presents the good news of Jesus Christ in such a way that people are led to receive Christ as Savior and follow Christ as Lord in the fellowship of the Church. An Evangelist assists with the community’s ministry of evangelism in partnership within the Presbyter or other leader exercising oversight of the congregation, or as directed by the Bishop. 

  • Bexley-Seabury Pathways for Baptismal Living Evangelist Training

    The Diocese of East Tennessee has recently recognized Bexley-Seabury’s Pathways for Baptismal Living for their on-line course for licensed lay Evangelist.

    Join Jerusalem Greer, Staff Officer for Evangelism, in this fun and engaging exploration of what evangelism is and what it can be in the context of your life and ministry. Courses are available in the spring and autumn, February 20 through April 2, 2022 or October 2 through November 7, 2022.

    This course is designed for those who seek to inspire, encourage, and lead the community toward bolder proclamation of the God’s Good News by leading Evangelism Ministries. Participants will explore evangelism leadership as a contextual story-sharing process from an Anglican/Episcopal framework. In addition to reflecting together on how one recognizes God’s presence, engages and interprets the stories of God’s action throughout history, and responds to God’s invitation to live in ways that demonstrate and teach the Good News, participants will engage a variety of media and techniques aimed at equipping them to develop and lead evangelism ministries within their congregation or diocese.

    Bro. Andrew highly recommends this course as both a great first step on the journey of lay evangelism or as a reinvigoration of a continuing ministry.

    To receive diocesan funding for this course, contact Bro. Andrew Morehead at

    Books used in the course:

    • Unabashedly Episcopalian by C. Andrew Doyle
    • Being Christian by Rowan Williams
    • Speaking our Faith by Kit Carlson
    • Transforming Evangelism by David Gortner