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St. John’s Cathedral

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Our cathedral in downtown Knoxville is a majestic yet intimate place of worship. St. John’s Cathedral is the oldest Episcopal congregation in East Tennessee. It was organized as a mission in 1829 and attained parish status in 1844. It became the cathedral of the diocese on Dec. 4, 1986.

The cathedral is the principal church of a diocese with which the bishop is officially associated. The word “cathedral” comes from the word the Latin word for chair, “cathedra.” The cathedra is the chair reserved for the bishop which is located in the cathedral.

At St. John’s Cathedral the focus is building your relationship with God. The driving force of that outreach is our people. The ministries within these walls radiate outward and are vibrant with the spirit of our volunteers who dedicate themselves to enriching our spiritual lives and the lives of others. The dean of the cathedral is the Very Rev. John Ross. Visit the cathedral’s website to find out how the cathedral serves the community and how you can be a part of it!